QuidianGoddess Just Enough Time
Katie Dawson has always been there for Kelly. When something awful happens, Kelly is crushed to pieces, she feels like she can no longer continue with her life. But, a man of her dreams comes along and sweeps her off her feet. How will her love story end?
623568 friendship
It's story about four best friend,how they manage to come out from so many obstacle like jealousy,competition and still manage to being best friends.
ItzSenzu Sword God in DxD
A really bored boy and a loli dragon war god meet after the former gets hit by a truck sent by the latter. They later reincarnate in the world of High school DxD to start an War path that even Gods and Devils fear. This is my first story so ill get better as time goes. Cover not mine /shizuo-kusanagi/art/Sephiroth-3-119621256 Although i might do a harem but not in...
IHIDEMYSELF Different World
3 candle, 3 chances and 3 changes. Our different world will start now.

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