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"Phew, that was… quite something" Chika said as she wipes the dust on her forehead. She is still walking around with that frog at the top of her head too.

"You guys okay?"

Tenko is cleaning her uniform from the sand, "Yeah, I'm fine."

Tokaya then said, "That water magic was really useful, but how much did it cost?"

Anko responded, "… Everything."


"Yep, that took all of my MP, it's going to take a while before I can use it again."

"Hmm, I see…" Tokaya realized something, "Hm, wait. This is… odd."

Chika said, "What, about we not get a single hit done in on us?"

"… Well, that too, but… why are we still not getting the [Notification] rewards."

"Hm, now that I think about it, it really—"

"Grooahhhhoooaoaaahh!!" a loud howling of an animal was heard from the nearby surrounding.

They looked around, trying to find it. As they turned their head to the left, the group's eyes widened as they saw the creature that is coming out from behind a tree. Chika swallowed her saliva, and Tokaya asked, "Was that… the thing you were talking about?"

Chika shifted her eyes, and nervously responded, "Yep…"


A boar with two large tusks and 4 horns with a mouth filled by many large teeth covering its skin. The height is that of a fully grown man and it is… very large.

[Fanged Green Tusk lv. 10]

HP: 500 / MP: 25

The boar suddenly charge at an extremely fast speed, they have no time to react, but Tenko did. As her eyes widened, she yelled out, "Everybody, MOVE!!"

They quickly came back to their sense, but by the time they did, there were about to get struck by the monster. Tenko pulled out her polearm and swing it to the three of them, two to the left and one to the right, she hits her teammates so that they can avoid the boar's attack.

*Bam *Bam

They flew away.

Tenko quickly fixed her stance once again and tried to block the boar's advance with her polearm, but then…


As her saliva leaves her mouth, her stomach sends a searing pain to her brain. "Nghf." The boar managed to broke her weapon, and then struck her in the process.

The monster lowered its head and then pushed Tenko upward to the sky.


She got hit to a branch, "Nngh" realizing it's her chance to recover, she grabbed onto the tree's branch and then casted one of her abilities, "Healing Hand."

They are glowing in golden-ish color, slowly regenerating her body.

[Kusanagi Tenko lv. 0]

HP: 48

HP: 49

HP: 50

Tenko frowned knowing that it's healing slower than she expected, she looked back down and saw that the boar is still onto her, ignoring the three of her teammates. She wondered why, but it's not the time for her to worry about that.

She then went up to the branch and use both of her hands to heal herself.


Something went wrong, the two ball of light surrounding her colliding with each other. The healing is faster, but she soon realized that she was doing it wrong. Now that she has put two and two together, she then did the right thing. She combined the two of her palms together, and the two-ball of light nourish her at three times faster rate than before.

[Kusanagi Tenko lv. 0]

HP: 55

HP: 59

HP: 65

HP: 73

HP: 75

Tenko managed to recover her health back to full within a minute.



Something shook the tree she's sitting on. It was the boar. The monster is trying to bring the tree down. Attempting to make Tenko fall from it and if not, it's trying to make the tree fall instead to make sure Tenko fall. She' is panicking, she doesn't know what to do. Her weapon is gone, that means, she can't attack it, and using her fist against such beast will prove to be useless.

But then a slither of hope appeared before her eyes, it's Tokaya, she has awoken.

A sting of pain was felt on her arm, 'Ngh, what the…' her mind, her memories started reforming toge

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