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A Few Years Ago.

*Bang *Bang

The smashing sound of the wooden stick banging onto each other can be heard out loud.

*Bang *Bang *Bang

Repeatedly hitting so hardly on the oiled wooden doll with a polearm, the hints of sweats are appearing from her delicate cheek.

*Bang *Bang *BAM

Tenko vertically smashed the doll with a high impact force. Pulling it again and round it around, hitting it right on the head, pulling it again, she launched herself in and swing her weapon down.


*Tak *Tak

The doll springe left and right, it stays in that state for a couple of seconds before staying still.

Rolling around her polearm once again, she fixed her posture, standing straight up. Taking a deep breath, she let it out, "Fooo…"

She turns around and goes for a break, sitting on the left side of the training room. She tries much to relax herself.

The place is that kind of an old Japanese dojo, but there is no one around but herself.

After a while when she was done resting. Tenko goes back to her room and changed into her casual clothing. Loose pink T-shirt with a bunny at the center, both in front and in the back with a special pose of a dabbing rabbit at the front. It also has a strap, holding tightly from her shoulder to her fluffy subtle grey skirt that covered her delicate skin all the way to her ankle.

With a glance only just after she has changed, Tenko noticed something... some annoyances. As she frowned looking at the non-humanoid made thread, she turned her head away and left her roo,

Walking through the endless hallway, one can instantly tell just how massive her home is. She turned left, passing many paintings and pictures of landscapes. As she walked out of it, Tenko arrived in the main hall.

She walked down the stairs above the red carpet and found her parents relaxing on the sofa right at the center of the room. The neatly put furniture and decorations make it small, but one can definitely tell that it's not. Tenko called out to them, "Mother, father."

Her mother turned her head around after taking a sip of her tea, and as she put it down, she said, "Yes, sweetie?"

"The maids were still not cleaning my room properly."

"What do you mean?"

"There is dust all over my pillows and my tables too. There is even a spider web right underneath where I usually sit."

"But, they said they already cleaned it about an hour ago."

"Yes, but there's still some left. I can't stand it, mother. Can you tell them to clean it again?"

"S-Sure, sweetie."

Tenko's eyes light up, "Thank you, mother." As the matter that conflicted her mind has been taken care of, she takes a turn and then left, but as she was about to leave. Her mother stopped her and asked, "Wait, where are you going?"

"To the backyard. I would like to see the new flowers uncle Zak planted for me."

"What, again?"


Tenko's mother shook her head, "Um, never mind. Come here."


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