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"Good lord, I'm sooo hungry…" Chika complained.

Anko responded, "Quit your whining, we all are."

She sighed, 'Haa…"

The group decided to take on the Quest-less quest and went to the second pathway on the right. Just like the book told them to, they really need to go down for sure, but it didn't tell them that they need to go down the ropes to reach the bottom.

They have done it safely with Tenko's help. When it comes to survival, her helpfulness is at its peak. Though, even with that, Chika still managed to mess it up and accidentally cut the rope with her dagger as she went down.

Now they're stuck in the wide-open space only god-knows-where.

The book only tells them that it has been buried here in this place, but didn't actually tell the exact location of it.

They have been walking for quite a while as they grabbed to the side, afraid of getting lost. There are many stones that can visibly be seen from here that supports the ceiling so it won't go down on them, but looking at those… are making them very uncomfortable.

Tenko saw something odd from the stone… its shape is… very unique.

Suddenly, Chika stumbled upon something, "Gyaa~Mmphf" Tenko quickly shut her mouth. The other two got startled by it.


Tenko hushed, "Shhh."


Chika flushed in red as her stomach shaking like an earthquake.

Tenko tried hard holding her laughter. Tokaya walked back to them and whispered, "What's wrong, Tenko?"

She shifted her eyes to the weirdly shaped rock and pointed at it, "There, can you see it? That rock is really weird."

"..." Tokaya's eyes quickly widened, "That's not a rock, Tenko. That's a monster!" she yelled in a whispering voice.

The group instantly went into guard mode, and quickly went into their position.

"Anko, take her backpack. Tenko, you, never mind. Wait here. Chika and I will go check it out."

"Hieee, why me?"

"Cause you got the Appraisal skill, dumbass."

"Ngh, you don't have to call me that."

"Whatever, come on."

Chika sighed, and the other two stay on guard, holding their position.

The two stepped quietly as they went closer and closer to the odd-shaped rock, after hiding behind another rock that is closer to it. They managed to get close enough for Chika to inspect it with Appraisal. Her eyes widened, it turns out to be true. It is a monster.

[Silver Earth Golem lv. 68]

HP: 12.800 / MP: 0

Chika quickly puffed her cheeks.

Tokaya in a whisper, "This is bad, we should go around it and—"



The odd-shaped looking rock slowly moved, reforming its shape and shove away the dust. "Err… sorry." Right in the crucial time, her frog just HAD to make a sound.

Tokaya palmed her head, and they quickly ran off. The golem starts reforming.

*GRunT *HgrrnNNnnGhHhnNgH

The other two members that are waiting for they comrade to return, opening their eyes wide as they saw something is

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