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The man in front of her, the one that is with Tokaya. He's ripping off her clothes and choke her down. He too has stripped his own clothes. Seeing all of that, Tenko clenched her fist and gritting her teeth as she saw the vision of them burning to her sight.

Her breath becomes heavier and harder as the seconds pass by.

The man behind her holds her head down, removing Tokaya's vision from her sight. He whispers, "Hehehe, let's have some fun, honey."

Tenko's eyes closed shut, she knows that there is nothing she can do, but to wait for her end to come. That wait ended… when a sudden loud scream was heard, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Her eyes quickly went opened, it was Chika's voice.


Tenko's eyes quickly widened to its edges as black veins are slowly forming inside them. Shifting her eyes back to Tokaya, she saw that disgusting man touching her.

"Hehehe, you're so beautiful," said the man caressing Tokaya's cheek. "No, no! NOOOOO!!! DON'T TOUCH MEEEEEEE!!" Tokaya is struggling from his grasp.

"Heh, don't you know… it's futile, sweetie."

She flapped on the ashes of the ground, "NOOOOOOOO. HEEEEEEELP MEEEE!!" with eyes flooding with tears, she called out her friend's name, mumbling as her throat dried, "Tenko…"

As the veins inside blackened, her eyes closed shut as tears flowing out from them.


The man behind Tenko burst out to laughter, "Bwahahaha, your friend here is— mmphf." Something… grabbed the man's face… it was her, it was Tenko.



Dark flames quickly formed on her palm, burning the man's face aflame. Tenko's eyes have turned completely black and her mouth edged all the way to her jaw, almost reaching her ears, and it cracks.

Tenko's face has turned to that of a terrifying monster with the eyes so dark, you can stare at it just like you stared at the abyss. Hushing in echoing voice, "GRAAAAAAAHHNNN DIIIIIIIIR JOOOOORE!"

"MMmmMPPFHHH" them man struggled to get Tenko's off of him. He punched it, ripping her clothes apart. Revealing Tenko's tattoos glowing in white and grey lights. She gripped the man's face so tight, that he couldn't even breathe as his face burning in cloaked dark flame.

And then.


Tenko crushed it, leaving the flame on his face as his body dropped to the ground.

One of the bandits noticed it as she shifted her eyes to them. She screamed, alerting the others. "Heeeey, look over there!!"

Tokaya's bandit shifted his eyes, and in an instant, he trembled in fear by the sight of it. "HURRY UP, KILL HER!!"


His eyes widened once more as he felt a searing pain coming up from his chest, and as he shifted his eyes down… she saw the helpless little girl that he was about to be violated, is now cloaked in silver-black flame. Her hand… has pierced his chest.


Tokaya quickly pulled it out and formed a palm in front of his face, she mumbled with a horrifying echoing voice, "Fire

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