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Tokaya and the King lock-on their eyes with each other, obviously something is going between the two, however, no one noticed it.

Tokaya nodded and then left without taking his "Gift", her friends and Tenko were confused, but they didn't ask because they know… it's not the time yet.

The other students on the other hand, kept murmuring to each other, but that soon faded as Tokaya shifted her eyes to them. Only a few of them are immune to her gaze.

The king is also being unusual, usually, he would explain what ability the students get and how they works. He only makes one exception, which is Tokaya.

It is now the turn of her subordinates, it's Anko's turn.

Walking to the pedestal, she was a bit nervous with all the eyes are now locked on to her. She took a deep breath, "Foo…" and then as she closed her eyes, she put her hand on the pedestal.

After a moment, she saw a vision of her younger self, it was her past.

She used to play around in the middle of a green field with her mother, talking many wonders about the world. Her heart is full of emotion, and soon her tears broke out from her eyes. Falling down from her cheeks, she senses a surge of healing energy spiraling inside her mind, radiating a bright shining light.

A gentle warm smile was formed on her lips.

She wipes her tears with her hand and then bowed her down slightly to the king, the latter too, lowered his head slightly, "Congratulation, Anko Souka. You have obtained a Benediction. It has been so long now ever since a holder of it emerges from such a fresh start. Please, accept this gift."

One of the soldiers approached her, and he gave her… a pocket-size medallion with a carving of a sea creature that looks like an eel but with sharp fangs and two antennas on its head.

Now is the turn for the other girl, Chika Montinaga.

Her appearance is that of a young gal and has a stylish look, from the bottom of her feet all the way to the top of her head, they're all scream fancy.

She walked joyfully even with all the eyes around her surrounding locked on to her, she has used to the attention. Putting her hand on the pedestal, her eyes gleaming ever so brightly.

After a moment of silence, almost everyone in the room was nervous about what is going to happen, what kind of ability is she going to get.

But when it was revealed, a breath of disappointment sighed from everyone else.

A pink-like aura radiates around her. She and the king nodded to each other without saying a word. Chika then left without taking any of the gifts, ignoring everyone's comment.

As all time passes, only 1 person left… and it is none other than Kusanagi Tenko herself.

She walked to the pedestal. Having many people staring at her, make her feel nervous. She swallowed her saliva and then put both of her hands on the pedestal.


The students burst out a laughter, she is the only putting both of her hands on it, nothing unusual, but they thought it was funny since she is the only that doing it. She quickly retracts one of her hands away, avoiding even further embarrassment.

She went and close her eyes, anticipating the moment that is about to come.

With each second passing by, sweats dripping from her cheek.

Another minute passed, and there is nothing.


Until a minute later, everything went downhill. Her eyes blacked out, and she screamed in confusion, "HAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHH"

The students startled, and so is the king. Tenko went hysteric as a burst of powerful dark aura whirling beneath her, the aura… is turning into something, it grabbed Tenko's hand, legs, neck, they go around almost everywhere around her and trying to tie her down, pulling her to the darkness beneath.

Seeing this, Tokaya's eyes widened.

She was about to move, but Chika stopped her. Tokaya gazed at her and then shifted her attention to Tenko.


The aura covered her mout

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