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"Hey, Tenko. Can you take out your wallet?" asked Chika.

Tenko responded, "Mm? What for?"

"Just take it out."

"Okaa~ay... here."

Chika quickly snatches it, and Tenko was confused. She wonders what Chika is planning to do with it. She opened it and saw many of the triple digits. Her eyes sparkling in dollars as she drools her saliva, "Ngh, life is not fair!" she shouted.



Chika took out all the money, sat down on a stone, and with the command in place, Anko quickly moved and rubbed Chika's feet while she… elegantly sat like a Cleopatra fanning her hair with the money she took from Tenko's wallet.

"Haa… this is life."

Tenko's jaw dropped to the ground.

Their fun time quickly put to a halt once Tokaya stepped in the scene with a few twigs on her arms. Tenko's eyes widened, "Um, those are?"

She lay the wooden sticks on the ground that is dry, on a stone to be exact.

"While it's true that we don't have to use weapons since we have abilities, we still need them. Especially since ours are so premature right now and we still a novice at it."

Chika then said, "Hah, we don't even at Novice yet."

She was referring to the ranks of their status.

Tokaya chuckled, "Yeah. But anyway, gather up some more. I found a place for us to stay, we just need to clear that up and then... we're set to go."

Tenko's head tilted, "Um, are we really going to stay outside, like in this super dangerous place, and why not just spending a night inside the safe harbor of the kingdom?"

Tokaya blinking her eyes for a moment, "Quite the mouthful of words there, but yeah. We can't stay in the kingdom, at least for now, not with those guys around."

"You mean… Sahara and her group or…?"

"Yeah, them. I can feel that they are onto us for something, I don't get it."

Anko stood up and went to lowered her head to tidy up the wooden sticks, "Their goal is childish really. They just want fame and glory, I bet they thought we were planning to steal their spots as the best in school. That's why they were onto us then, but now… I think they just think this as a game, and whoever can defeat the demon lords first, wins."

"Hmm… if that's true, I guess we're in it for something really troublesome later on" said Tokaya.

"You bet" said Chika.

"Why are you so happy about it?"

"Well, this is our chance no? Like, I don't think we can defeat the said demon lords, but at least we have a chance to be better than them?"


Tokaya pondered about it for a moment, and thought, 'Hmm, that wasn't such a bad idea, I suppose. We can raise our integrity and honor if we can be a rival to them. Leading to a better life once we got back to our world.' She then said, "Be that as it may, for now, go find more materials. We need more firepower, and while you're at it, go find us some fruits or something. Be careful for the poison one. Tenko, you stay with me."

Tenko nodded, and so did the two.

Right when Chika was about to leave, she realized something, "Wait, hold on! You're pushing the hard work on us??"

Tokaya's eyes widened, and then formed a smirk, "Aren't I the leader?"

"Nuh!?" Chika gritted her teeth, it was her that suggested it, there is no reason for Tokaya not to take it since it falls onto her laps. "Nghrr…" Chika and Anko then left with the latter laughing nonstop seeing the former's stupidity.

*crackle *crackle

Tokaya glanced at Tenko, seeing her working hard amazed her.

Tenko is having her way with the sticks so fluently, it's like second nature to her.


"So, how long have you been doing this?" asked Tokaya.

Tenko glanced back, but her hands still moving. "What do you mean?"

"I heard you were training in Martial Arts, was that true?"

"…" Tenko nodded, "My grandfather runs a small dojo in the countryside, I used to help cleaning the place, but then got asked to keep a watch at the people training, and that's

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