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'As soon as I opened my eyes… I found myself… and the others, the people in my class… standing in an unfamiliar place.'

Tenko and the people in her class are standing in the middle of medieval-looking soldiers, and they carry spears and swords on their hands. Passing by the lengthy red carpet, someone is sitting on a large throne with two flags crossing behind it.

Tenko shifted her attention to him. Full cloaked red attire like a general in the modern era with a cape. His appearance is old, judging by how thick his beard is, not to mention, his fierce sharp-looking eyes.

Tenko's lips trembled, "W-What is going on?"

Right when she said that, all of a sudden, her classmates turned their heads to her for a moment and then turned away back to the guy sitting at the throne. The bullies leader, Tokaya Kinko, walked to her. Whispering, "Don't talk too much."

Tenko swallowed her saliva and lock her mouth as she nodded. The other two bullies go behind her back, the look in their eyes are worrisome, but Tenko didn't dare to ask.

"Please, do not be alarmed. You are not in danger" said the guy on the throne. "Have your friends here tell you the details later" he shifted his attention as if looking to all of the people, "Now, come forth, Travelers. I shall give you our initial support for your journey here in Ekolia, and once again, I humbly welcome you to our proud and beloved kingdom, Sonata."

The soldiers lifted their arms and then banging their spears on the ground while the swordsman stomping their feet.

*Bang *Bang *Bang

Tenko was confused by all of this and does not know of what is happening, she too also afraid of asking either, afraid of upsetting them… by them, it means her bullies.

The students were looking at each other, murmuring, "Hey, who is going to go first?"

"You do it."

"Waaah, no way. What if…"

"You're just being paranoid, what about you, Mataka? Aren't you used to read LN that is just like this?"

(*LN: Light Novel)

"Y-Yes, but those things aren't real."

"But it's happening now, so do it!"

"N-No, I don't want to."

"What, you dare to—"


The loud noise came from the bearded old man standing in front of the students, it was the teacher. With a stern look on his face, he said, "All of you, stop it. At times like these, you should not fight among yourself." The teacher came in at the right time to stop their arguments, "I will go first, and then we will go by index. Stay calm and don't panic."

The charisma he let out soothes all of the students' worries to a certain degree, including Tenko.

The students nodded and stopped arguing. Some of them are afraid, some of them are confused, but there are also some that are excited by all of this.

And it's coming from some group of the students, one of them is a group of 5 with three of them are boys and the other 2 are girls. They are one of those "Cool Kids" that are confident in themselves fo

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