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[Details]- Enemy defeated: 5- EXP gained: 25

[Loot obtained]- Lettuce x5- Tiny Slime Core x1

"Ohoh, we got a new item," Tokaya said, "A slime core... huh. What does it do anyway? Some kind of rune, or maybe a crafting material?"

Chika walked closer to her, "Let me see."

Tokaya gave it to her. With the interspatial box they have, they can store just about anything in that bottomless depth. Chika stored it inside, and then take a peek at the item's description.

[Tiny Slime Core] source of life to a small creature living in the first layer of the Great Forest of Sylph, they are called Tiny Slime. Alchemy Ingredient.

Flipping it around, she showed it to Tokaya.

Holding her chin as she pondered in her thoughts, Tokaya then nodded. "From now on, you will be the one holding these Ingredients."

"Okay... guess I'm fine with that."


In the meanwhile, Tenko is looking through her Status screen.

Status [Level 0] Progress: 35%

Name: Kusanagi Tenko / Job: ClericRank: Unranked

HP: 75/75 / MP: 400/400 / SP: 114/125 ~ FP: 98%

STR: 1 / VIT: 1

DEX: 5 / RES: 0

INT: 3 / FTH: 10

AbilityTitle: [None]Perks: [Light Sigil]Innate Ability: [None]Active Skill: [Turn Undead] [Healing Hand] [Prayer]Passive Skill: [Healing Aura] [Regeneration]Spells: [None] ~ Slot: 5 Left

Active Effects: [Touched by the Unknown]

She looked through many of its descriptions, all of what the skills do, what's it about, but there is one thing that she can't fathom. She turned around and went to the three that is talking about something, "Hey, um, there is something I want to ask about."

Chika responded, "Hm, sure what is it?"

"These stats, especially DEX, I don't think they are quite… representative, to what we actually can do." Tokaya's eyes widened, she then said, "We are actually talking about that right now."


"It's partially true, I suppose. Hmm… it's better if we just show you, Anko has already found a way to get more details out of it. Anko."

Anko nodded when she called out her name.

She walked closer to Tenko, and then explained everything that needs to be done. After following her guide, she managed to open the detailed information about it.

"Ahh, so that's how it is."

Chika nodded and stepped in the conversation, "Yep, the [Base] is your real DEX without the bonus from the statistic. This means that all the stats in the Status are the bonus added to your real ability, and of course, I'm talking about your real power, not the game power of what the status tells you."

Tenko responded, "Uhh, I don't really understand about the game thing, but I think I get it."

"Good" sighing. Chika was sure that she explained it very simple for her to understand, but… "Haa… when we got back to our world, let's play a real game together, okay?"

"…" Tenko's eyes light up, she nods, "Mm!"

With a promise in mind, the hearts of all four of them filled with joyful wonders

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