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Felix placed Erika on his wide shoulders and took her to the edge of the Great Courtyard, from where the entire Cainshire and the Grey Canal was visible. It was the 12th of this month and therefore, it meant that Colonel Reggie was collecting his taxes. He does it every month, for three days from 12 to 14 and everytime, there would be one or more places which will be burnt down to show their dominance.

He pointed towards the three frigates right at the center of the Grey Canal and said, "You see those big ships, Erika. There are enemies. You know what enemies are?"

"Booo!" replied Erika, slumping down on his head.

"Ha! Bad bugs whom you beat. Squash them like this!!" Felix demonstrated by squashing a cockroach which was unlucky to pass infront of Felix's sight, but it was completely ignored by her.

"Boo! Boo!!" she said energetically and started beating his head, indicating that she wanted to get closer to the edge. She was quite a daredevil.

"Yea, yea, little Princess." Sighed Felix and went near the very edge of the courtyard, but while he did so, he clutched her feets tightly so as to not let her fall in any chance.

"Weeee!!" cried Erika as she spread out her hands in fun. Felix let her have her fun, while he stared intently at the scene infront of him. Being a Lord had several advantages and one of them was large eyesight. He could clearly see the soldiers of Colonel Reggie plundering houses and breaking utensils. He also saw some disturbing sights like some soldiers dragging women away or beating kids.

This was a usual act and everytime he sees it, it increases his hatred for Hendrickson and his urge to barge in there and slaughter them. But unfortunately, he can't. He also spotted some soldiers who were slightly hesitating while massacring and that was only because they weren't normal bad soldiers. They were betrayers who joined Colonel Reggie's army. The absolute vermins.

He also spotted a man with a bald head, commanding the troops to massacre from the banks. Felix couldn't clearly see him, but he knew who he was, Colonel Reggie.

After staring at the scenes for almost 30mins, Felix withdrew. "Enough now, little lioness. Do them longer and you would catch a nasty cold!"

"Booo! Booo!" Erika resisted and pulled his hairs but he wasn't moved. He brought her down from his shoulders and held her a bit away from her, so that she doesn't bite him. He went back and saw that Aslak was still shooting arrows at the armor intently and Felix didn't find it necessary to disturb him. He entered the Castle and handed Erika to Lady Aarti who was currently free to take care of her. He then returned to the courtyard and went to the arsenal.

He chose a normal Greatsword, adjusted his armor and wore his steel visored-armet, which was a special type of helmet with a face guard and a large cheek guard. His armor, called Black Wolfe armor, was made purely with Black Iron and Perforated Carbon. The armor had a sp

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