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Aslak, like Felix was a 6yrs old boy with a more rounded face, lean body and timid stature. Born on almost the same time as Felix, they are practically brothers, with Felix being younger to Aslak by only a week, but even if Aslak was elder, he was much more timid and more submissive than Felix. Aslak, just like his father Julian, has a head full of blonde hair, pale whitish skin and bluish-green eyes, making him a perfect foreigner to Cainshire, where people tend to be more skin or dark-colored. The only odd thing about Aslak was that he didn't know anything about his mother. It is a well-known fact that Julian, his father is a famous womanizer with many lovers and admirers in various cities and towns and it is speculated that Aslak is a result of one of his 'adventures of night,' you know what I'm speaking about, as Julian often states. But it never quite affect Aslak's life much, because Felix's mother, Lady Faye took care both of them simultaneously just like her own son. Infact, being a priestess of the Temple of Earth, she has served as a mother to many orphaned and disabled children in almost the same way she treated Felix, with love and care and Aslak was no exception.

Being brothers almost since births, Aslak was Felix's constant companion just like how Julian was to Aston. Starting from sleeping, bathing, playing and training, Aslak has always been with Felix. They did most of their achievements simultaneously, starting from walking, toddling, writing and even talking with Aslak leading the tables by only a few days. But this was completely reversed when their training began under Master Loann, with Aslak being in the losing end of the stick while Felix progressed quickly. Actually, it was wrong to say that Aslak didn't improve. He improved tremendously in archery and was on the level of a normal professional archer, with his only fault being too timid.

After Aston went after Julian, who was apparently trying to climb a stone wall and Torgeir to his smithy, it was only Felix and Aslak. Aslak looked around for a bit, as if checking whether Master Loann, The Demon, as he refers to him, and then dashed towards Felix.

"Felix! Felix! Are you okay?!!"

"Huff… yea… I think so… damn…my legs…cough!" coughed Felix as he leaned on his Greatsword. The fight with the wooden Greatsword was extremely tiring for Felix and had nearly made him pass out. If it wasn't for the extreme determination he has inherited from his family, he would've long fell to the ground and started whining in pain and this fact was understood quite well by Aslak.

He immediately swung his arms around Felix's shoulder and took one of his arms to support him but he was then greeted by the tremendous weight of Felix's bones. "Damn! You are heavy!!!" grumped Aslak but was only teased as 'Too weak' by Felix. He adjusted Felix's correctly and precisely, as taught by Loann on how to support a wounded soldier, and took extra care on not to hurt or press too tightly,

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