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Two years had past, Morino Yoko was working in the same orphanage that Naruto was place. His job consisted of helping in the kitchen and runing errands for every adult of the place. In his time there he was witness to the horrors that Naruto would endure. The Hokage, Kakashi, Jiraiya and anyone else that should've step up and adopted Naruto, were off somewere doing something else. Sure they did at first send gifts, but not one reach Naruto, every single one of them was confiscated by the women that was in charge of the orphanage.

He was powerless to do or say anything for two whole years, his very survival depended on that very women for a roof over his head. He was in a way abandon by the very village that his parent had died for. He remeber the maddening conversation he had with an official a few weeks after, his parents deaths. When he had ask about the money his parents had, he found out that, the village had a policy of taking all money from any Anbu and using it to fund the famillies that needed it. Witch was nice and all, but he found that since he was a child and not part of a clan, any money that was under his parents names was confiscates by the council. He as the last remaining member of his familly wouldn't inherite anything since his parents were in a sence shadows for the village.

So not only did he lose his parents, his home but now he was left with nothing no money or fortune to call his own. He was at the complete mercy of this mess up system, it was clear that those who were safe from this obvious bullying where the clans. As he discovered that they were excluded from this practice, since his parent were not from a clan but both had been orphans who had made something of themselves. He had no background to defend or hold his money for him, prime meat for the council to tear apart.

Which comes back to Naruto, sure he could've gone to the Hokage and spoken about all this. He had been planing to, but to be sure, he gone to the library and looked throught a whole bunch of books and scrolls, to finaly come to the conclusion, that it was a bad idea. In practice it made sense to improve Naruto life by bringing all this to the Hokage, but he came upon something that had drastically change his view on Hiruzen Sarutobi. In a document he found he learn that the Hokage was to receive a report on all aspect that he deemed of importance, so in a more simple term, since Sarutobi had declared Naruto very existence an S secret, their was no way for him not to be unaware of what was going on with Naruto.

This had change how he saw the Hokage, sure he always found him to be an idiot about not finding a better system for all that paper work, but this prove that on some level it was either one of two things. The first was Sarutobi was very much aware of Naruto current environment, and choses to do nothing so that he could appear and grasp Naruto love more easily so it would tied him to the village. Or that the council was in some way interfering with the reports on Naruto, so that they could give the puplic a place to vent their anger on Naruto that was in a sick way the best patsy around.

Either possibility was in no way good news for him, since if he went foward with this, he would no doubt get a pat on the back. But if he did, then the consequence would be terrifying, he might be kidnapped and torture to death just for spite. He was a nobody, no one would look for him or stand up for him, he was on his own. If he really wanted to help Naruto, then his best bet was to adopt him, bu to do so that he needed money and a place to stay.

So for the past two years, he grinded his teeth and looked the other way, as Naruto suffered more severer abuse as he got older. He could only do small hidden thing to help him, like sneak some food to him in the middle of the night, when the matron refuse to feed him. Or point the other way, if those that were chasing him asking were he'd go. He manage to speak a few words

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