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I blinked. Once, twice, and then thrice and I kept on blinking as I stared at my surroundings, trying to comprehend what I saw and what in the nam

going on...

I'm in a street... In an open street where the sunlight directly shined and where the dry wind washed over me.

Which is strange considering I was supposed to be inside a building. An auditorium where I can watch a cosplay show, to be precise. As a matter of

costume now, complete from the top to the bottom, along with the wig and contact lens.

So how the hell, when I entered that damn door, did I suddenly appear standing here?! Outside of the building and in the middle of a crowded mark

Unfortunately, that's not the strangest thing that I currently see.

If suddenly finding myself in a market just by blinking and entering a door is strange, then the scenery around me is mind blowing.

Lizards walking...dogs walking...cats walking...

No, I did not mean to list animals. What I mean to say is that they really are around me.

Except they're pretty much bigger than how they should be.

And walking on two legs too...and also wearing clothes...and I really mean walking while standing while covered in fabrics! In clothes that people us

A humanoid animal! By God, even now I'm still trying to comprehend just how freaky that is!

Except for the lizards. They are not humanoid, however, their size was comparable to a car! Not their length or height, but their whole size! Heck, s

even reach half of my height! An animal that size clearly means something, especially one that is living in the land!

I don't know which is stranger, a lizard at that size or...

Never mind, humanoid animals are much stranger.

I mean, they even have their head and face in the shape of animals! It's true that there are many that have a human face, but their animal ears are

And what's with their outfit?! I mean, they're wearing some kind of armor, robes, and a…dancer's outfit? And…what is with those styles?!

Are they cosplaying as well?! No, obviously not. I mean, I have seen many cosplayers. I was in the middle of attending the show, after all, and whil

that look so real, this is...

It's...strange. I mean, God! Look at those animal faces! There was a dog face! However, their faces seems more...smoother, and less furry. It's alm

two dimensional character's face!

Which is pretty strange and did not help my situation...not at all...

I started to look around, this time observing the buildings around me, noticing the way they are constructed; their design, their shape...it's almost l

buildings that I saw in a game...in some kind of fantasy game or anime. I mean, rather than modern buildings that have glass or other materials th

just made from woods and...


Yes...yes, that's the correct word. They look medieval. The people around me also dress like a medieval person would. They almost look like an ava

Ragnarok Onlin

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