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carmsr > Re:Zero, Why Me > 2 Chapter 1. Starting Life in Another World
"Sir? Are you okay? You look so pale."

Okay? Okay!? I just found out that I was somehow trapped in a world where there are gigantic demonic beasts that are the size of buildings or skys

where there is a lunatic cult that loves to torture and kill innocents just for their beloved witch, in a world where the protagonist himself has been m

death, decapitated, eviscerated, and cursed!

So I'm clearly very, very, VERY FAR, from OKAY!

That is what I wanted to shout in her face. However, I didn't do that because I didn't want her to become an enemy. The girl who is one of the majo

this story and the girl who has a contract with-


A shiver immediately went down my spine as a hollow, cold and inhumane voice echoed in my mind. An image of a giant monster with golden glowi

that covers the majority of its supposed face also crossed my mind.

Puck...The Beast of the End...

If Emilia's life is forfeit then Puck will go on a rampage, freezing everything that stands in his way. And I don't think I can fight

"Spirit?" I murmured in surprise.

"Hoo, what's with that look?" He purred while pawing his face, eyes glinting with mischief. "You're afraid of me? Mister Self-Proclaimed Knight?"

Of course I am! I mean, I know exactly what kind of creature you are! I have seen what you can do when your 'berserk button' is pressed! I have s

and how you can freeze an entire village just by standing on a mansion that's far away!

"Pardon me for being wary, but a spirit that's solid and very sentient like you has a reputation." I replied as calmly as I could.

"Yeah, right." Puck snorted. "Don't try to hide it. I can detect your fear, mister."

Detect my fear? Ah, right. Puck is an empath, if I recall correctly. Damn, this will clearly be more annoying than I thought.

"Normally, I'm not going to be one who accepts a stranger's offer. However, I don't think you need to worry about him trying something, Lia." Puck

the silver haired girl.

"Really, Puck?"

"Yeah, that guy." He pointed his paw at me. "He's utterly terrified of me. Like, reaaally afraid." He then shot me a smug and mocking look. "I don't anything to you with me at your side."

"I have a bad history with spirits so forgive me for my fear." I said dryly. That's not entirely a lie. I'm not a fan of horror movies despite the fact tha

watch them.

Too much shock, in my opinion, and I don't like it.

And a ghost is counted as a spirit, right?

"Well, if Puck says so then…I will accept your help, sir..."

"Aaron." I offered my name. "Just call me Aaron. No 'sir' and the likes." I added. "I'm too young to be called that kind of stuff." I chuckled.

Emilia nodded, giving me a small smile. "Then I accept your help, Aaron."

I nodded back at her before I faced the spirit who was watching over us. "And you, Mister Spirit?"

"Puck." He introduced himself. "Call me Puck. Puck-dono is fine too!" He added while puffing his furry chest out in a smug manner.

"... Puck-dono, then." I let out a small sigh while saying that. "So, shall we move on?"

"Um." Emilia nodded. "Do you know where the thief is, Aaron?"

"No." I shook my head. "But I may know someone who does."

I don't think they are far from here, seeing that two of them were unconscious and that the one that was dragging them along is the smallest one.

"There you are."

I won't deny that I felt a slight satisfaction and pride when the man practically jumped at the sound of my voice. He quickly turned around and whe

he became pale.

"Y-you!" He stuttered while pointing a shaky finger at me.

"I've been looking for you three." I said in a stoic voice as I approached him. Behind him are the two men that I knocked down moments ago. It see

still knocked out, judging by how they were sprawled on the ground.


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