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When these words were said all the students below were stunned then went in an uproar it was the first time they had seen someone that came from the 3 great colleges, even Sam didn't know how to react!

He wanted to shine at this moment and his dream became reality but he didn't expect that he'll meet someone from the legendary Kraken's depths right away.

Ottar clearly saw confusion, expectation and worship in Sam's eyes which meant that he had a chance to get his hands on him

"Sam, I came here because I know the vice-chairman and we are in need of talented students in the north so I decided to check this batch of tested and here you appeared before me ! Don't you think it's destiny ? Come with me to the north, I'll arrange for you to spend 3 years in the best affiliated high school and then you'll be directly admitted as a Kraken"

The old man seemed frantic to get his hands on Sam. Sam was delighted but then asked the old man

" Mr. Ottar it's an honor to get invited to join the Kraken but my element is the thunder and I heard that your school specializes in water and ice students".

Ottar looked deeply at the kid in front of him, only 15 years old and he stayed calm under the invitation of one of the three giants and kept his thinking straight, he felt some admiration for him so he answered

"You don't need to worry about this, last year there was an auction held by the Roc's nest where they sold lots of relics from the past and amongst them was a book left behind by the only one from the first generation that used thunder and lightning, it was indeed a useless book to us at that time but we bought it at an astronomical price to show that we were not afraid of the Dragon's gate. Now this book is in our hands and it will finally have a use, with this book and your S grade talent there is no difference between you and the Dragon's gate's S grade !"

Light shone in Sam's eyes, 4 years ago the Dragon's gate made an announcement that they found an S grade fire compatible kid which made them take the lead in front of the other two giants, that guy was shown on TV and Sam has seen him at that time, he was born in Australia and lost his parents in an attack by a beast horde very young, he then lived in an orphanage and had then caught the attention of the Dragon's gate when he was graded as an S grade in the test. He took the name of Long Dier after becoming a Dragon and was adopted by Long Diyi, he was now 19 years old and was known around the world for being the youngster with the most potential.

Not only was he strong, he was also one of the richest in the world because of his father which is someone from the first generation of Hunters and he was also very handsome : deep blue eyes, brown hair, square face.

The perfect opposite of Sam but he wasn't jealous, until today he always saw him as an unattainable existence so he was more like a fan, but now ? He can definitely fight for the place of strongest youngster in the world with him !

Sam didn't need to think any longer and answered right away, his eyes were shining with self-confidence for the first time, he knew that it'll take time to reach the heights Long Dier was at but he'll reach them eventually and take over the title of strongest youngster in the world

"I'll join your school, please take me with you !"

Of course he thought about joining the Dragon's gate but would they let him grow stronger than Long Diyi's son ? That was very improbable.

Ottar was infinitely happy, he looked into the chairman eyes and saw disappointment and worry.

He didn't understand what he was worried about but he had gotten his hands onto a unpolished diamond so he didn't need to care, he told Sam

"I'll leave you one day to prepare, go home pack your things and say goodbye to your family and friends because you won't see them for a while, I'll come and pick you up tomorrow morning."

Sam nodded and ran out of the hall, his mother was holding

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