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With the opposite teams forward setting the ball in play Aza rushed forward, pursuing the ball. Seeing Aza's rush forward, the other teams forward kicked the ball backwards towards his teams sweeper. With this the battlefield came alive.

Teammates passed the ball to eachother attempting to gain ground into enemy territory. Aza watched, reserving his energy. As a Striker his main job was to look for opportunities to receive a pass to score, and steal the ball when it came into his zone if possible.

"HERE! CROSS IT!" yelled the opposing teams forward.

One of his teammates kicked the ball sending it flying across the field. As the ball soared, the forward made a mad dash to intersect it. Winding back his leg, the forward kicked heavily while timing the contact.


"Gabriel Theotokos nice goal!" yelled Mr. Fuller, making a few scribbles on his notebook. "Line it back up!"

Everyone got back in position.

Placing the ball at his feet Aza looked out at the field. looking for gaps in the other teams defense. As he surveyed the other team he met eyes with Gabriel.

"Bring it" he smirked.

Smiling, Aza replied. " Then don't blame me."

Kicking the ball at his teams forward Aza ran ahead in a diagonal slant. coming to the sidelines he came to a stop. Watching his team pass the ball around, the enemy teams defensive line crept forwards. Aza waited, looking for an opportunity.

Seeing Aza in a good position the wing dashed towards the enemy goal. Aza sped off like a rocket.

"HERE!" he cried. "PASS IT!"

The wing chipped the ball. Floating above the field, the ball glided towards an area with no defenders. Aza saw a perfect shot and quickly approached the spot.

It was an off pass. Unwilling to let this opportunity go, Aza ran and jumped in a strange angle. Twisting, Aza's leg came up in a roundhouse kick. Using his heel to hit the ball dead in the center, the call caved in around his foot and bounced towards the goal at an insane speed.

The goalie saw this and leapt into the air, attempting to stop this flying meteor. Reaching out he realized that it wasnt going to be enough.


"Aza Silver Amazing Goal! Aza, Gabriel come to the sidelines!" yelled Mr. Fuller.

Aza jogged off the field, followed by Gabriel.

"Great job Men take a rest." Mr. Farrell beamed.

As the two took their place an the bench Gabriel clapped Aza on his back. "What a shot man! That was mystical. whered you learn to play?"

"I grew up in the Houston area. Soccer is really popular among the locals, so I started playing when I was little. Your goal was amazing as well, you must have trained hard." Said Aza

Smiling, Gabriel rubbed the back of his head, "Nah, I pretty much just play all sports that the Coaches will let me play. Aza, right? I heard you just moved in."

"Yeah, my mom and I just moved here for her job. She took a job in Town hall as an assistant to the mayor." said Aza.

"Well since you're new in town you must not have many friends yet. Why not be friends with me? All the girls will chase after us when we make it on varsity!" He coo'd.

Aza blushed at the thought for a moment. Quickly putting the thought out of his mind, he laughed. "Well I guess we're friends. I'll be in your hands then."

The two laughed and shook hands as a figure zipped up to the duo.

"Aza! What was that? That was insane! Are you a pro?"

blushing Aza put out his hands, helpless. "No Its nothing like that I just play a lot."

"How often is a lot?" pressed Lillie.

Thinking Aza answered, "At school, during practice, then before he went home at the neighborhood park. Then I'd dribble the ball while jogging home."

The two looked at Aza in astonishment. "Are you insane? how much do you eat? How can you even walk?"

Aza retreated from the barrage of questions. "Eh growing up I was always outside playing games with the neighborhood kids. Actually, it was so common that

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