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The scrimmage continued for another half hour. A few attempts at the goal were made, but no more goals were scored. Aza and Gabriel watched and the scrimmage played out, all the while yelling encouragement to their respective teams.


"Alright gentlemen fall in!" yelled Mr. Fuller.

Everyone dashed to Mr. Fuller, a few taking a knee so the people behind them could as well.

"Ive seen a lot of heart out there today. Men were made, Boys learned what that means to give their all. Unfortunately I only have so many spots available for my teams, and I'll have to cut quite a few of you. Come in tomorrow morning before school. I'll have the first round of cuts from today as well as a list of people I deem worthy to keep for sure. those on the cut list will report to the counselors to change to another elective. As for those on the Keep list, you will begin training. those not on a list will be scrimmaging again. Do not be late!)

Everyone was awestruck. The soccer season didn't start for another three months! Is this guy serious?

Mr. Fuller laughed, "hit the showers!"

All the young men jogged off the field, and filed into the locker room. Grabbing his soaps Aza rinsed himself off and dried his body. Changing into his joggers and a hoodie, he slipped on his new shoes and headed out the door.

"Alright, let's go!" Exclaimed Gabriel with a fist pump. "Mazzios is a tradition in town!"

The two walked to the student parking lot, making jokes, and poking fun at eachother.

Lillie, just sat leaned next to their Dodge Challenger, smiling at the duo.

"How did it go?" she asked.

"We made the list for sure!" Gabriel said confidently."

"Do you really think so?" asked Aza. He was actually concerned. His little stunt was a very unorthodox way to score. He just hoped the coach would still count it as a good goal after review.

"Well being able to adjust to a situation is in high demand, so let's just see tomorrow." Gabriel shrugged.

"Well boys lets go, I'm starving! Lillie exclaimed.

seeing everyone was ready to go Aza replied, "I'll just follow you. let me just go get my car."

"What kind of car is it? Just so we know its you." Lillie asked while blushing shyly.

"Its a Black Audi A8" Aza replied blushing in return.

"Alright well wait for you!" spurred Gabriel.

Turning away Aza located his car and placed his books in the backseat, Then started the car. He guided the vehicle towards The Challenger and honked to let them know he was there. The car pulled off and sped out of the parking lot with the blue audi following closely.

-Inside the Challenger-

"Do you feel it too?" asked Gabriel.

"I don't know. but I get this feeling from him. like im drawn to him. Its almost like he has an Aura. But how could a Human have one? No human has cultivated to that level since the Ming Dynasty." said Lillie, puzzled.

"Based on his Athletic ability he may have cultivated without realizing it. T

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