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carmsr > Azazel > 14 A Growing Child
Aza sat in silence. Flashes flowed through his mind as strikes of gold and silver rang through his memories. He couldn't believe it. Questions welled up, but he didn't even know where to start.

"Aza, do you understand what I've just told you?" Michael sat, watching Azas face for any signs of outbreak.

Aza thought carefully about his questions and decided to begin with the most obvious one. "What does that have to do with me Michael?"

"Michael now? Well brother, I'm going to make this clear. You are Azazel, and I'm going to need you to bear with me. With the way things are progressing, your cultivation is coming back to you at a rapid pace. Your source is no longer what it once was so we don't even know how you are growing so fast."

"What are you talking about?" Aza was confused.

"Aza have you noticed any changes to your body? Lillie tells me that you underwent pore cleansing, and even formed a core."

This only confused Aza more, then he understood. "You mean that stuff that came out of my skin and the starry ocean?"

Michael's face grew grim. He had never heard descriptions of a core formation as a 'Starry Ocean.' he pulled out his phone and typed a message to Lillie. "We need to solve this quickly."

Aza waited silently, questions still brewing in his mind.

In a few moments, Lillie opened the door and walked into the room. With a wave of her hand she closed the door. She took the seat next to Aza.

"Do you have it in you?" Michael inquired.

Lillie didn't respond, she only reached into her bag and retrieved a Silver bracelet.

"Please pass this to Aza. It's time for him to decide his future." Michael instructed.

Lillie somberly did as instructed.

Aza held out his hand and clasped the Bracelet in his grip. He felt warmth and a sense of calm from it. With all of the information and the feeling, he couldn't hold it back anymore.

"What do you mean my Future? You're telling the that a god is telling me to do this? Why can't I control this? What do you mean by All this, and what does this have to do with me?"

Lillie looked off into a corner, and Michael finished his drink. "Brother.."

"Brother? How am I your brother? I don't understand any of this!"

Lillie finally couldn't take it any more. "Azazel control yourself!"

Aza's eyes grew hot, and he could feel his emotions well up. His mind became sharp, and his surroundings grew dense. He looked at Michael, and focused on the bracelet. The patterns were of Ancient-looking runes surrounding it with the most metallic-looking Crystal that he had ever seen.

"Put it on and all will be revealed." Spoke Michael.

Aza continued to stare at the bracelet. He could feel a presence, 'His' presence. Anger grew in his heart.

Lillie finally turned to look at Aza, and was astounded. His eyes. They were glowing the most painful shade of blue she had ever seen. She could feel the yearning, the loss, the anger. As she attempted to speak, she

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