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carmsr > CEO's Fake Marriage > 4 Wait.. I'm your girlfriend?!
Lily : *confused* wtf..?

Edward: Lily, babe, come here. *smirks*

*in Lily's mind*

uhhh... okay, guess I have no choice?

*Lily goes to Edward*

Meghan: Wha..?! How can some average looking girl get the CEO of the biggest company in America?!

Edward: You're less than average.

Meghan: H-How Dare you?!

Jake : Y-yea *totally falls for Lily*

L-Lily , is it? ..

*Lily looks at Jake*

Lily: Hmm?

*in Jake's mind*

S-she's so CUTE!!

Edward: Our business is done here. Meghan Smith , good riddens.

*Edward wraps arm around Lily and gets into the car*

Meghan : How dare she steal him?! She's not special in any way!

Jake: Meghan, you're being unreasonable. I don't think this relationship can work anymore. Good-bye. I already found someone I love ..*walks away while blushing*

Meghan: W-wait!! What about my money?!

Jake: You only care about money ! This is why you'll never find love. Disgusting.

*walks away *

Meghan : UGH . WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! This is all Lily's fault. I'll make sure she suffers the pain I'm suffering right now. Just you wait, you slut.

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