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carmsr > CEO's Fake Marriage > 5 A Big Mistake
*in Edward's car*

Lily : You can't lie forever you know?

Edward: Heh.. Yea.

Lily: Why did you even say I'm your girlfriend though?

Edward: You look like someone my type, so that's more convincing. Sorry, haha.

Lily: Y-you Je-Jerk!

Edward: Heh ,cute. Since I want to apologize, I'll treat you to supper.

Lily: Free food? Heck yea! Haha

Edward: Are you trying to seduce me pretty lady?

Lily: E-eh? N-no! You're thinking too much!

*At a fancy af restaurant because Edward wants to show off his richness*

Lily: Why are we going to this luxurious place? it's only supper?

Edward: Only the best for you princess.

Lily: I-i have a name you know?

Edward: Heh sure.

*inside the restaurant*

Lily: Hey CEO, can I go to the ladies?

Edward: Sure

*in Edward's mind*

I have a bad feeling about this..

Lily: Be back in 10 mins, if I don't, come look for me, okay?

Edward: okay

-Lily's walking to the restroom-

Suddenly, a shaddy woman appears behind Lily

???: Heh, you won't be escaping from me in this lifetime, slut. Now let me show Edward who you really are.

Lily: I know it's you Meghan, you shouldn't be sneaking around and and minding other peoples' business you know? That voice changer is so obvious, it makes me laugh.

Meghan: W-why you.! You won't be escaping Lily, *throws a bottle filled with gas* This bottle of gas is a drug that makes people go in heat, only having sexual intercourse, will make it dissapear. haha, you're so stupid Lily, you can't fight me now.

Lily: H-heh, while I can't , someone can.

*Lily pushes Meghan and runs to Edward before the drug even took effect*

Meghan: She might be able to escape me, but she won't be able to escape from the drug. After she has sex with some rich old guys, I can finally convince my love to be with me again! Haha!

*Lily runs into the room that Edward is in but falls down*

Lily: E-Edward.. h-h-help

Edward: it smells like some kind of lethal gas, she's been drugged...it must be Meghan.. That bitch doesn't know what she has gotten into..


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