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(9:00 p.m. at night)

Lily : Ahh, finally done with the documents!

Hmm.. maybe just a little nap.. 10 minutes will be fine..

(Suddenly a tall person comes out of the CEO's office)

Edward: It's already late, maybe I can call Meghan to pick me up..

Huh? Why is there still someone working? Haven't work hours ended yet?

*Edward walks toward Lily's desk*

Edward: Hey, you can't sleep here. Go back home. Hey, wake up!

Lily: H-huh? Ah right, I'll go now.

Edward : Wait.. You don't have a car. Do you? *smirks*

Lily : Nah, it's fine, I'll use the bus... hehe..

Edward: It's dangerous. Come, I'll take you back.

Lily : N-no! I don't even know who you are!

Edward : I'm the new CEO of this company. Edward Lee.

Lily: C-CEO EDWARD?! Sorry, I didn't realize! I was still half asleep!

Edward: Come on, let's take you home.

Lily: It's fine! I'll take the bus!

Edward : Again, it's dangerous out there. A pretty lady like you won't survive out there.

*in Lily's mind*

WTF. CEO Edward just called me a pretty lady. I don't know if I should feel honoured or just confused.. AHH why would he call me that?!?

*in Edward's mind*

I have a girlfriend but still, this girl is really cute..

Lily: Uhhh... ok..

Edward : Ok, I'm going to call my girlfriend and ask her if she can come drive you home.

Lily: Um... sure *awkward*

*Edward calls Lily*

(Hey, babe..? )

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