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carmsr > CEO's Fake Marriage > 6 This Was a Misunderstanding!
Edward: Quick! Take her to my personal hospital and let her rest. I'll take care of that insect myself.

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-After Lily got to the hospital, Edward went to search for Meghan -

(Meghan sees Edward and puts on an act)

*Hehe, this will be the end for you Lily, Edward will be mine! *

Meghan: E-Edward!! I-i saw Lily just now! She was kissing an old man! I think he's from S Company. That slut cheated on you!

Edward: Hm? Really?

Meghan: Y-Yeah! She was red and she kept on clinging onto that man!

Edward: Then...what should I do? Find another woman?

Meghan: You should get back with me! I'm rich, beautiful and honest!

Edward: You know, Meghan, I don't even know how you got to be an actress..

Meghan: H-Huh?

*W-what i-is.. I thought that bitch was over! Did he find out? N-no, stay calm Meghan! *

Edward: You're really delusional. You know that?

Meghan: N-No! T-t-this.. this is all just a-a misunderstanding! !

Edward: Heh.. Guys, you've stood there enough, come out now. I want you to take her to the hotel and have fun with her. Take some pictures too, tomorrow, this slut's career will be over.

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