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November 9, 20xx

Friday, 11:00 am

Hook Me Up Motel

Injin took the keys the woman handed and headed to room 406 on the third floor. Her appearance appeared to be in direct contrast to the grubby hotel room, one of the many motels in the red light district of the city. The hallway leading to the room was dark and cramped. Only a person could actually fit which made her wonder if couples could even make out on this tight space. But it appears size is not a problem, as she concluded when her sight fell to a pair near the stairs leading to the next floor. The two are completely engrossed in what they're doing and ignored people passing through. She shook her head and continued till she got to the room.

Upon entering, she removed her jacket and saw a small device glued on the back, just below the shoulders. It's a tracking device. She wanted to step on it and crush it but changed her mind.

'Do you think such lowly tactics will work on me?' she asked as if the man is in the room.

Earlier, she sensed something touched her shoulders while he locked her to him. It was very swift but she caught on it.

Plus, it came to mind, he moves in precision and with a plan. There must be something.

She eyed the jacket she loves and was hesitant to leave it but the small black device was glued. Hence the jacket will be ruined if removed.

In the end, she flung it to the bed and opened the window.

Five minutes later, she was leaving the hotel from the back alley.

Since the hotels are built next to each other, it was easier to jump from one window to another. She jumped to the open window adjacent to Room 406 and entered.

Her landing startled the two people who were moaning and shouting words of pleasure. Earlier, she could actually hear it from that room.

She smiled at the naked man and woman and said with her hand gesturing them.

"Sorry. Please continue." before she exited the room.

As she watched the taxi drove past the series of motels, she smiled to herself.



Friday, 11:30 am

Hook Me Up Hotel

The motel receptionist wondered what is happening today. Earlier, there was a beautiful lady who didn't look like one of the hookers that usually checks in for pleasure and requested room 406 specifically. She even paid extra to get the room for 2 days and additional $100 as tip to her. Now, there are two men in front of her asking for a room next to it.

Today must be her lucky day, she thought.

One was in front of her, negotiating while the other stood behind. The one behind was too handsome to be described even if his expression appeared to be cold. He was unsmiling as he looked at his phone.

The other man, smiled at her sweetly and placed $300 on her palm. She felt tingling sensation in her when his hand slightly brushed her palm. Inadvertently, her bit her lower lip in reaction. But she is disappointed.

'Such a waste. He prefers man.'

Xui Min felt disgusted but he need the keys for that room. The tracking device on Mrs Zhou pointed to one of the rooms here.

"How long will you use the room?" she questioned.

"It will be quick."

Her eyes rounded and her head screamed 'Wow.'

The woman handed the key and he said thanks to her.

But if only Xiu Min can hear the woman's thoughts.

Upstairs, Zhou Yicheng took the tool from Xiu Min to open 406 but the door was left slightly ajar.

While downstairs, he had a faint feeling as he watched the red dot on his phone, not moving at all.

His intuition was confirmed when they got inside.

His wife was not there.

The jacket she was wearing today was tossed on the hotel bed carelessly and the windows were wide open.

From the room, they can hear faint sounds of moans coming from the room on the other side.

Slowly, an upward arc formed on his lips.

One point goes to his wife.


Friday, 1:30 pm

Z Empire Group

As soon as he entered the spacious offic

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