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August 16, 20XX

Thursday, 10:30 am

Over the Pacific

She felt the stinging pain behind her head, radiating down to her shoulders. She shifted her position to ease the pain but she found herself sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, hands tied behind her and legs bound to the chair.

The bulb overhead was flickering like it's going to die soon. Although her eyes were half closed, she could sense there were people behind her. There was a voice speaking in a heavy accented Eastern language she recognized very well. Not only did she study to speak this but she spent months perusing through hundreds of dossiers in this difficult Arabic language making her fluent on it.

"She's awake." the man reported.

"Good." A gruff voice spoke.

What's happening? She asked herself.

Then she remembered being questioned earlier and when she refused to answer, a man hit her with a gun and she passed put. They've been circling to the same question for what she thought—a day for she noticed that night had fallen from the darkness she saw outside the window above the dingy room.

She'd been passing out frequently—probably due to injury she suffered yesterday or was it two days ago—and she hated it.

'I need to pull myself together.


A minute later, she raised her head to the right and found a man pointing his gun to an injured soldier on the floor. The soldier was clutching his injured leg and was leaning on the wall of the dimly lit room.

The man spoke again and this time, he was questioning her. "Tell me where he is. If not I will shoot your friend."

When she kept her mouth closed, the man pulled the trigger and shot the soldier. His sudden loud wail echoed in the room startling her. At the same time, someone removed the rope that binds her and pulled her on the other side before plunging her head into the water, drowning her.

She woke up gasping for air and her heart was palpitating. After a few breathing exercises, it was back to normal.

Every time she closes her eyes, these nightmares would come back and the vivid recollection reminded her much of what happened two weeks ago.

Her right shoulder blades throbs—though healed—from the gunshot wound she'd received that night.

The buzzing sound from the engines made her look around and she realized they have arrived to the base.

"Welcome back."

The Director warmly greeted the person who was escorted out from the plane by two soldiers as he accepts their salute. Flanking with him is Military General Sun Wukong and Assistant Director Spielding. He extended his hand to the tall woman in the center.

"Captain Yu."

The woman nodded in respect, her usual indifference demeanor was emanating as she shook his hand.

Noticing her eyes looking behind them, the Director released her.

Without delay, he spoke in his stern voice "See you at 0900 for debriefing."

"Yes sir" she gave a quick ceremony and walked away.

They watched her as she closed the distance to the Hummer.

At this moment, they were thinking the same thing.

Will she be able to forget?


At a distance, Lieutenant General Xu Xiaoping watched the tall woman heading towards him. That once little girl has become a fine woman. Gone are the pigtails and locks and has long been replaced with shoulder length hair. The silky white skin was a bit tanned after staying out the sun for too long. Yet, it did not diminish the natural beauty she inherited from her parents, Li Bailan and David Lacroix.

As she stepped closer to the waiting car, the 50 year old high ranking officer fidgeted trying to mask his worries with a warm smile. Getting a phone call one morning from her superiors, informing him that she has gone MIA nearly gave him a heart attack.

The risk you take when you commit yourself to protect the country is high. However, Captain Yu Injin is one of the best leader under him. In terms of achievements and

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