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The current year was 2050. After a mysterious explosion that occurred somewhere on the planet, people began to change. Many of them awakened wondrous powers and others turned into monsters without conscience.

This made the great powers of the world go mad, they became imbued with the power of their people and began to wage wars without meaning. However, normal people were also drawn into this conflict, so many men, even without extraordinary ability, had to fight on the front lines.


A man of apparently 35 years was in a small tent of 15 square meters, the ceiling of where it was had the form of a funnel and the walls were made of a canvas of greenish color.

He was sitting on a wooden chair, the chair was old, and it made a creak every time the man moved. In front of her was a wide table and above her were some papers scattered.

The man had some scars on his face and his hair was long and black. His eyes were sharp and the lower part of his face was covered by a long beard. The armor and shoulder pads used by him made the man have the presence of a noble warrior.

Sharpening his ears he can vaguely hear the sound of the breeze blowing and the sound of a thin rain falling on the earth.

The man sighed and continued to write on the paper. His name was Pietro, and in recalling part of his life he regretted bitterly, with only five years he obtained a power called "Super Intelligence".

At age ten he was considered a genius, he created a machine capable of reversing gravity and created a weapon capable of transforming any living being into dust. He of course did this just to get money and help his family, however, the wrong people knew about his existence and this caused him huge losses.

His parents were killed and his designs were all stolen; moreover, he was kidnapped and forced to build much more powerful weapons for criminal organizations, every day he wakes up and feels the weight of the countless lives his weapons have taken.

At the age of 15 he was saved by the authorities and taken to a government organization, after which he was charged with designing strategies and plans to win wars against other nations and to feed the greedy desire of corrupt politicians.

He won several wars and his name echoed around the world, he survived numerous assassination attempts because of the training he had at the time he was rescued.

At the age of 20 he destabilized an entire nation without sending any soldiers there. To achieve this achievement he caused internal conflicts to occur in this nation at every moment, and this caused that nation to divide and its power diminished.

At age 21 he received a medal from his people and was proclaimed a hero, but to the nations from which he destroyed he was seen as the demon's own incarnation.

At age 23 he took control of a country and expanded the lands of his nations, but to his surprise the people of that country were treated as junk by the government.

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