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In space, a young man watch what no mortal should never see, his universe collapsing, time and space break, in the millisecond it takes, he witnessed the beginning and the end, the big bang , the creation of supernovas and solar systems, massive stars falling on themselves and finally only the darkness remains. In this infinite void, the man who is now only a mass of pure energy, fighting for staying conscious wish he could see and learn more, suddenly a strange sensation assault him and he close his eyes.

He wake up with the feeling of being pushed, after a few minutes, He realize with panic that he cannot control his limbs and his vision is extremely blurry.

He compose himself and start analyzing the situation, the last thing he remember is the void and the omniscience he felt before closing his eyes, like he was everything and everything was him. He sense his surrounding and feel a kind of fluid on him, he his small very small, the realisation hit him hard he his a baby ! Knowing this information, he relaxes himself and stop resisting the pull.

The moment he his born the light attack his eyes all he can see are blurry shapes, someone took him in his arms and slap his butt, instinctively he start crying, after calming himself he heard a masculine voice.

" You shall be name Kol, a fierce warrior and a strong hunter. " say the voice.

" Husband, let me see our son. " a woman voice tell the man holding him.

" Here take him woman." the man give the boy to her but keep his gaze on him with hidden fondness, the door of the lodge open and children enter.

" Mother ! Father ! Can we see our new little brother ? " say two boy followed by another, and a cute little girl.

" Yes come Finn, Elijah, Niklaus and you too Rebekah, he's name his Kol Mikaelson. " answer the mother who look exhausted after giving birth. The four look at the baby with love and protectiviness.

" Now enough, I need rest, Finn can you take him please, you father has to go hunting with you brothers. " she ask to her oldest son.

" Of course mother. " answer Finn with a happy smile, he always like it when his mother trust him, taking the small baby, they all leave the room letting her appreciate a long merited rest. Using his time as a baby he meditate almost 2 hour per day, after a few sessions he has discovered a strange energy inside him, pure white with a touch of golden, the feeling it give him is indescribable, he will have to try to understand how to control and use this unknown energy

Years later.

In the forest, a man and boy track the traces of an animal, they move without sound and stop, keeping their distance with the dear, they stalked him until it stop. Kol take his bow and start arming an arrow.

" Good, now slow your breathing, aim, hold you breathe and release your arrow. " Mikael instruct his son while keeping a keen eye on the target.

The arrow had penetrated the heart and the poor beast died instantly. The two walk to it and

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