Hao_Abao From Fish to Dragon
A Koi? What’s that going to do against my Unbreakable Titan Ape? Oh, sh*t! Why did it turn into a dragon? In fact, why are there 6 more of them! This is impossible! A young man forms a pact with 7 different koi fish after a meteor falls from the sky and turns into a beam of light that shot into his forehead forever changing his destiny Cover by fellow author - Sleepwrite
Profound1 World's Strongest
Naruto is beaten black and blue by a mob as a child and he awakens a mysterious entity that acts as his emotional support during his difficult childhood. As he slowly gets stronger, he finds out about his heritage and vows to right all the wrongs done to him. Accompany Naruto in his journey as becomes the strongest being in the world. Note: I do not own Naruto nor any of the other...
CreativeStory Bottled Up Feelings
From the day they were chosen to make hard decisions, to the day they got what they deserved. Follow the characters as they unfold the secrets they have and memories of their trials of love.
CrimsonEclipse Spirit King
After his sister and ninety-nine thousand random people around the world disappeared in one day three years ago, Niko’s life had always been revolved around finding her. He was facing dead end after dead end, until one day he was summoned to another world along with ninety-nine thousand other people. Putting two and two together, he came to the conclusion that his sister was also summoned to this world...