Bodhisattva_Panda My Villain Academia - BNHA Fan-fic
My Hero Academy Fanfic - going to try go the evil route. Just something I'm working on. its my first novel so go easy on me.
Lefend Supreme Legend System
Without Ying there is no Yang, and vice versa, without good there is no evil, no being has been able to understand this topic, until he was born, a mixture of good and evil, the perfect balance of the two was achieved by a boy who's birth caused an earth shattering phenomenon, which even scared the gods, now follow me on an adventure, the adventure of a Supreme Legend.
ShinoeraPro The Bad Offspring
The world of Bronte isn't what it used to be. Since humans tried to overthrow the Gods, they have cursed their children: All human boys will die if they receive too much sexual tension before they turn 17. The slightest act leading to ejaculation increases the chances of death exponentially. Over the years, then centuries, human men became increasingly rare, more and more sought after by women of...
NixxxiE Serendipity - A Chance Encounter
Serendipity - A happy chance/coincidence. Samantha Kim, a woman born in a wealthy family has a lot of interests but sadly, she seems unhappy and is missing something in her life. Known as a strong and independent woman, she likes to keep things to herself and doesn't want to rely on others; she wants to live a low profile life and away from the limelight. Meeting Daniel Cho, the Most Eligible...
So_mi The Devil WithInn
Warning: This whole book consists of swearing. Like, A LOT of swearing, and mild gore and violence as well. You have been warned..... :) ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Inna Lovenhart was tricked by her friends to visit an event in Akihabara while she was in Japan. All because of their selfish request. Albeit furious, she decided to get it done and over with. But while doing so,...